Whether you're launching a new concept that you’ve drawn out on a napkin, redesigning and positioning your brand for its next phase of growth, or looking for a complete business overhaul, you’re going to expend a lot of energy. It should be spent well and invested wisely.

That’s where we come in.

We believe energy is sacred. It is the currency of creation. We start by harnessing your mental energy to create the most impact and growth for you, your organization, and your business. A high return on energy (ROE) significantly increases your ROI.

We call our strategic and
creative practice


Guiding this experience is both
an art and a science.



Think about it, businesses are led by humans, operated by humans, to create products and services that are sold to – you guessed it – other humans. Birth, growth, emotion, aspiration, conflict, and mortality are all parts of being human. Birth, growth, emotion, aspiration, conflict, and mortality are all parts of being a business.

So, if a business is a reflection of humanity then your business is a reflection of its leadership — the most important element of your business.

We believe mining the energies of your unique gifts, shadows, and potential is the key to co-creating your greatest work.

Same wavelength? Let’s get started.


Journey I

Being + Business Alignment


These immersive workshops culminate into deeper awareness, unlocked energy, and undeniably the most important artefact we will craft — your Magnum Opus.

  • Workshop I:
    Mind Mastery
    “If you want to learn the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”
    \\ Nikola Tesla
  • Workshop II:
    Quantum Leap
    “Imagination is the gateway of reality. Dream better than the best you know.”
    \\ Neville Goddard
  • Workshop III:
    “Everything is energy and that is all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want, and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”
    \\ Albert Einstein
Journey II

Brand Expression


At this stage, we transmute your Magnum Opus into its full emotive radiance, using a breakthrough approach to creativity and collaboration.

  • Creative Catalyst
    “It was the best briefing I’ve ever had. With full strategic context and inspiring parameters, it allowed me to just focus on creating. Every idea was on strategy and nothing went to waste.”
    \\ Sr. Environmental Designer \\ LA
  • Secret Society of Solutionists
    “Sunday+Night is the most comprehensive, invigorating, nourishing, terrifying, and satisfying creative process I have ever participated in. It makes brainstorming and sprinting feel obsolete. We generated three years-worth of concepts in 16 hours.”
    \\ S.A. \\ Solutionist \\ Toronto
  • Sunday Swarm
    “Half strategic firm, half guild of assassins. Sunday+Night knows how to set up a problem and kill it with elite talent. We wouldn’t have had access to them any other way.”
    \\ M.E. \\ Client \\ Detroit
Journey III

Conscious Creation


Now everything becomes tangible. At this stage, the designs born out of Brand Expression are refined and materialized.

  • Assemble the Makers
    “They were able to coordinate and create efficiencies between all the different partners and experts, saving us valuable time and resources.”
    \\ J.D. \\ Client \\ Los Angeles
  • Craft the Build
    “Everyone involved throughout the entire production treated my vision as if it was their own. They breathed life into the work and made it better than I could have imagined.”
    \\ T.S. \\ Client \\ Toronto
  • Celebrate the Creation
    “We started with Sunday+Night on the Magnum Opus in October. Eight months later we celebrated our first store opening. Identity, packaging, website, video production, photography, social. Best of all, we have a purpose-driven brand that people believe in.”
    \\ D.Y. \\ Client \\ Detroit


Growth. Technology. Organization. Customer. Product. Brand.
Where do you need to invest your energy?
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Partners + Alchemists

Israel Diaz Israel Diaz

Israel Diaz

Founding Alchemist

To optimize the flow of creative energy and allow ideas to blossom into their own being — these are some of Israel’s many passions and the reasons that Sunday+Night was born. Channeling 25 years of high-level global business and brand expertise, Israel sees the entire spectrum and assesses with blissful energy. His far-sightedness allows a vision to manifest into its most powerful articulation, for the greater good.


Nikki Nikki

Nikki Milligan

Operations + Manifestation

Nikki brings forth equilibrium and intellect, turning chaos into structure. In her realm is where abstract becomes actualized. Her ability to collaborate and innovate with unwavering positivity has led businesses, clients, and partners to their highest potential. With an impressive background in advertising + design operations and production, she brings harmony and wisdom, and manifests ideas into action.


Pearce Cacalda Pearce Cacalda

Pearce Cacalda

Design + Wellness

Pearce’s purpose is to realize the finest expression of one’s highest vibration. The space he holds is healing, revealing the true essence of the people and ideas around him. His collaborative frequency parlays into his experience as a strategic brand designer, creative director, reiki master, and spiritual guide. To him, life isn't a journey about becoming something, it’s about unbecoming what we are not.


Jeronimo De Miguel Jeronimo De Miguel

Jeronimo De Miguel

Strategy + Relations

Jeronimo’s superpower of making connections is enabled by his insatiable curiosity. He’s the bridge when it comes to connecting new ideas with the right network that bring them to fruition. With a decade of corporate relations and United Nations experience, he possesses a wealth of inspiration to navigate opportunities. Jeronimo thrives in states that stretch his mind and draw upon his humanity.