Want to figure out what you want to do with your life?

Your will is the most accurate way to predict the future.
Elon Musk


In high school, you discover what you're really good at and that's half the equation. To live a life you love, you also need to know what you love to do. What you're meant to do. What energizes you. You need to know your X factor.

Through the self discovery journey of Camp X, you'll explore what makes you uniquely you. Why bother, you might ask? Because when you know who you are, what you're meant to do becomes obvious. The right career path (and hence post-secondary choice) simply reveals itself. Maybe a side hustle too.

Join us for a 6 day immersive virtual experience that combines daily live interactive coaching sessions with asynchronous guided contemplation. Learn how to apply First Principles like Elon Musk to uncover your X factor. Nail your calling. All you need to do is bring your energy, dreams and curiosity. We provide the rest - an alchemy of tools from Science, Philosophy, Art and Business.

Sunday+Night is a Toronto-based global consultancy dedicated to helping people live their best lives. Their proprietary Magnum Opus process and framework guides individuals, teams and organizations on their best way forward with inspiring and energizing clarity.

Camp X is limited to 25 participants per session to maximize participant engagement, impact and inspiration.


Gain self-awareness

  • Apply ancient philosophy and modern science to discover who you are at the core.

Find clarity on the post-secondary direction that's right for you

  • Understand your personal beliefs and instincts to guide you to the university or other post secondary choice that fits you like a glove.

Discover the career path you were meant to take

  • Capture your life's purpose through creation of your Magnum Opus; a tool and technique rooted in the universal laws that contribute to a satisfying life.

Understand how to live your best life (even through a pandemic)

  • Learn how to ride the waves of life with perspective, staying on course and finding resolution in the chaos.

And have fun doing it

  • Love what you do and do what you love. Life is meant to be enjoyed and so is this camp.

Who is this camp for?



  • Unsure what post-secondary program or path they want to take
  • Feeling pressure to figure out what they want to do with their lives
  • Know what they're good at but not what they love to do
  • Have no idea what they want to do for a living
  • Seeking reassurance that the path they're considering is right for them


  • Have many great ideas and are looking to focus
  • Want to future-proof their lives from a professional perspective
  • Are concerned about creating a 'successful' life
  • Looking for a side hustle to explore
  • Have an innate entrepreneurial spirit


  • Don't want their future work life to be a grind
  • See how their parents work life affects them and don't want the same for themselves
  • Looking for career inspiration beyond what they've already been exposed to


  • Want to have a positive impact, locally and globally
  • Want to change the world
  • Want to make a difference
  • Want a career that is personally rewarding

Camp Overview

An introduction to the power and potential of concentrating your greatest energies towards your life's greatest work.

An overview and application of ancient philosophy and the latest scientific understanding to discovering your natural destiny.

Transmutation of limiting beliefs into highly resonant energizing principles.

Articulating who you are, what you were born to do and the impact you are meant to have.

Carving your personal path towards realizing your greatest potential.

What Students Will Receive

  • Live group coaching sessions where they will learn the tools & technique
  • Breakout sessions with live interaction, feedback and guidance on daily assignments
  • Optional drop-in 'office hours' to check in with coaches, ask questions, go deeper on a concept, float an idea etc.
  • A workbook that will guide their personal reflection time and daily assignments
  • Their personal Magnum Opus decree that defines their life's greatest work
  • Access to recordings of the live coaching sessions and accompanying material
  • Access to ongoing support, mentoring and coaching, as well as future masterclasses, at a Camp X alumni rate
  • A certification of completion for university and job applications
  • Opportunity to become a Sunday+Night youth advisor or facilitator

What To Expect From This Experience

  • Feeling excited about what comes next after high school
  • Insight into how to apply what they know to what they want to do
  • Confidence in their decision-making about university, career choices, and beyond
  • A feeling in their gut that they're on the right path
  • A sense of empowerment regarding their life choices
  • Connection and a sense of community with like-minded peers
  • Peace of mind knowing they are creating their own future


Have questions? Wondering if this is right for you, your teenager or your students? Give us a call at 416.938.1656 or email us at campx@sundayandnight.global We'd love to hear from you.



Spring 2021
March 7, 2021 - March 12, 2021
March 14, 2021 - March 19, 2021

Summer 2021
To be announced soon


Sunday Night
Live online session
7pm-9pm ET

Monday through Friday
Online Drop In (optional)
9am-10am ET

Live online session
10am-12pm ET

Asynchronous contemplation time
12pm-3pm ET

Interactive breakout group online session
3-5pm ET

* Open to alternate time zones.


All course material, communication & announcements will be through Google Classroom

Live sessions will be held on Google Meet


"Tell me, what is ti you want to do with your one wild and precious life?" Mary Oliver

Camp X is limited to 25 participants per session to maximize participant engagement, impact and inspiration.

REGISTER by email, phone or text


Sunday+Night is pleased to be able to offer a grant to each school who encourages their students and their parents to consider this camp.

Offering: 100% of registration fee for one student participant.
Participant selection process at the discretion of each school.

Contact Nikki at nikki@sundayandnight.global or 416.938.1656 to register your school.


Established in 2017, Sunday+Night is a Toronto-based global consultancy committed to helping people, teams and organizations make their biggest, boldest, most beautiful dent in the universe. Their proprietary Magnum Opus approach and framework was born out of immersive study, lived experience, distillation and integration of a multitude of modalities across a variety of disciplines linked to human potential.

Business Acumen \\ 125+ years of collective business success from building some of the world's top brands to fueling successful startups.

Philosophy \\ Collective experience with over 80 philosophical teachings, consciousness practices, and mindfulness disciplines.

Science \\ A passionate constant immersion in the illuminating world of neuroscience, quantum physics, epigenetics, cosmology, psychotherapy, positive psychology and biology.

What People Are Saying

"My Magnum Opus journey gave me the courage and clarity of vision I needed to pursue my dreams"

T.S. \\ Entrepreneur \\ Canada

"Every company, every individual, every student should have the opportunity to explore and become themselves in this way."

T.S. \\ Lawyer \\ Canada

"If I knew 20 years ago what I know now thanks to my MO, my career would have taken off earlier and faster."

E.R. \\ Film & Television \\ USA

"It's pretty powerful what happens when you get super honest with yourself about makes you happy."

A. Z. \\ Merchandising \\ USA

"These guys have pulled the best from ancient and current consciousness and energy thinking and composed a beautiful journey upwards"

D.S. \\ Music Industry \\ Canada

"Thank you for bringing me tools to enhance my awareness of stuff I am familiar with and parts that I have yet to explore!"

M.G. \\ Ergonomist \\ Canada

"My Magnum Opus journey was life changing. Seriously. I'm relooking everything - my career, my home, what I eat, what I read. Everything."

K. K. \\ Actor \\ Canada

"I had already done much purpose work and was amazed how this Magnum Opus framework took my understanding of who I truly am, in all my facets and gifts, ten steps further."

D.H. \\ Life Coach \\ Germany